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Cercle #10

200 x 265 mm, 276 pages
Strasbourg, France
Bilingual, (French & English)
Editor: Marie Secher
Art Direction: Maxime Pintadu

An independent and thematic magazine, Cercle was born from the observation that social networks are integral to our lives and the speed to which digital images could be exchanged.

This year the theme is Parade. Take a deep dive into its many forms – to gain attention, to reclaim identities, to celebrate community. Featuring a strong collection of photography, illustrations and interviews, uncover how Christophe Urbain turns his lens to communities of New Orleans as they celebrate Mardi Gras, the digital illustrations of Stefenia Tejada to a conversation with Yves Pourcher on his book Politique Parade that explores the relationship politicians have with entertainment when seeking votes.

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