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Direction of Travel #2 (2nd edition)

289 mm x 380 mm, 36 pages
London, UK
First published 2021
Editor/art Director: Christian Nolle

Direction of Travel is devoted to airline maps and the culture of flying, and is published by digital infographics designer Christian Nolle. Each issues tells the illustrated story of the route maps that are often the only lasting physical manifestation of airline networks at a specific moment in time.

Typically broadsheet-sized and folded, 'Version 2.0' of the second issue sees the mag scaled down to a more compact (and unfolded) format, printed on a slightly sturdier and brighter white stock. This issue, with all new writing, explores two airlines that predated British Airways, later forming the airline we know today—British European Airways (BEA) and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC)—with maps from the post-WWII period till the 1970s; 'three decades of incredible growth that happened to coincide with a fast-growing middle class.' 

As well as the maps (90% of which are brand new for this issue, as Christian tells us),  the issue offers a brief history of the ephemeral relationship between flying and printed matter—featuring menus, timetables and paper airplanes too—as well as a look at Shannon Airport, on Ireland's west coast.

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