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Grub Street Journal #3

200 x 296 mm, 66 pages
London, UK
First published in 2023
Editorial director: Joanna Cummings
Publisher: Peter Houston
Creative director: Nic Gillespie

As a ‘magazine for people who make magazines’,  Grub Street Journal (not to be confused with its 18th century namesake) is dedicated to exploring the ups and downs of the magazine world, hearing firsthand from those in the thick of it. Publisher Peter Houston is a long-term observer of the editorial world.

‘Why won't print just lie down and die?’ exclaims this (undead) edition—dubbed ‘The Walking Dead Issue’—which digs deep into the endurance of print and the people that keep it alive. Beginning with a nice lil' shout out to magCulture Live, there's plenty more to keep the doomsayers at bay; Steve Watson of Stack discusses his mag collection, an ode to the flatplan (including a peek behind the scenes of GSJ's previous issue), newsstands resisting the threat of America's culture wars and a handy flowchart to help you pick a mag to suit your current mood.

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