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I Came For Cous Cous #3

210 x 275 mm, 178 pages
Paris, France (English and French-language)
Founder, editor-in-chief and creative director: Mouna Anajjar
Translators: Seth Sherwood, David Hans, Thomas Ladonne

'Voices and creative minds from the Arab worlds'

This is the third issue of the bilingual (and brilliantly titled) publication I Came For Cous Cous. This phrase, in editor Mouna Anajjar's words, 'is yet another example of dividing the world into worlds. But what exactly is it to be Arab? It's a complex puzzle with no unified answer.'

Here to 'reveal its curves and folds, to capture its movements and vibrations', I Came For Cous Cous, does so through English and French-language interviews and essays, vibrant visual pieces and recipes. It's quite the adventure...

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