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Icarus Complex #5

170 x 240 mm, 114 pages
Luxembourg & London
First published in 2019
Founder and editor: Afsaneh Angelina Rafii
Art director: Sergio Alves

Icarus Complex's aim is for its readers to 'feel the urgency of the threats our planet is facing' without becoming overwhelmed by the climate crisis.

In their fifth issue, Afsaneh and the team centre Indigenous rights with central feature 'On Thin Ice' which explores how green energies threaten to destroy the Saami way of life. The issue also focuses in on culture, community and climate justice in Pakistan as well as an in-depth piece which delves into natural gas as a (continuing) energy source.

On the Journal: 
It’s this one thing (Icarus Complex #4): 'On the ashen cover of the subject of this month’s It's thing one thing, a single person struggles through a dust-covered street, bin bag upon bin bag piled upon their back...' READ MORE

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