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165 x 240 mm
Montréal, Canada (English and French-language)
First published 2016
Publisher, editor-in-chief and creative director: Florence Gagnon
Co-editor and art director: Carolyne De Bellefeuille
Contributing editors: Lisa Cecchini, Marjorie Roux

An initialism for Lez Spread the Word, LSTW is the magazine of Canadian lesbian culture. It's presented in both English and French-language, with both languages sitting alongside each other throughout. In that spirit:

LSTW est une publication imprimée bilingue annuelle. Une exploration et un portrait intimiste des communautés lesbiennes et queer d’un peu partout autour du globe. Diversité, bilinguisme et authenticité.

On the journal
At work with Florence Gagnon: ‘We start the new week just outside Montreal, where Florence Gagnon publishes her magazine LSTW. She’s founder and creative director of the 230-page queer publication, which is is produced in both French and English...’ READ MORE

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