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Lyrics as Poetry #4

215 x 140 mm, 92 pages
Los Angeles, US
Editor/Publisher: Sara Noelle
Editor: Erik Hayden
Design/Art: Nicolle Jaffe

After an extended break this beautiful little music magazine is back, celebrating lyrics and listener’s responses to them. It offers a unique approach to music, posing the question, are lyrics poetry?

The theme this issue is ‘Awakening’, and combines lyrics from lesser-known writers with personal readings ofthe meaning of famous songs by Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, HAIM and others.

On the Journal
Our review of issue two: ‘Taking seriously the notion that lyrics convey the emotions present in the music, it’s delightful to read them in such a paired-down form. Stretching across genres, and with lyrics ranging from the understated to the ever-so-slightly cringe, there were plenty of songs in there that I wasn’t familiar with, and which I could just read, as poetry.’

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