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Monarchy #1

140 x 380 mm, 16 pages 
London, UK
First published 2023
Designed and published by: Melissa Price

Inspired by a monarch-themed plastic ruler she had as a child, über aesthetically-pleasing Monarchy is Melissa Price's attempt at capturing almost 1000 years worth of history in just 16 pages — and rather slickly at that.

Featuring five litho-printed in colours (including gold, silver and two fluorescents) and set in Helvetica Neue 77 Bold Condensed, whether you're a fan of HRH or you're just ready to storm the castle, the result is an undeniably attractive, tall and slim publication.

In her own words, Melissa explains how each page 'features a simple colour-coded list of all the monarchs’ names, with a key to the colours allowing quick reference of various facts, such as the number of children each monarch had, the family they belonged to and how the monarchs met their grisly, or not so grisly, ends.'

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies.

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