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Objection #2

280 x 380 mm (unbound)
London, UK
Founder and creative director: Emmanuelle Goutal 
Editor-in-chiefKatia Kulawick-Assante

'A new look at interiors'

Themed The Bathroom, this volume of the large format, loose-bound Objection aims to dip its toes into 'this in-home space which is as rich in rituals as it is in tools, wares and colours'. A fascinating and gorgeous-looking exploration of the bathroom as space, cultural signifier and more, though the volume is named for the room itself, it's the people in it that make it most interesting: 

'The bathroom is an intimate space, often shared, and the in-home sanctuary honoring corporal well-being. The star of the bathroom is the human body. Everything here revolves around it, and everything is released so it can appropriate the space.'

There will be six issues of Objection in total, each exploring a different theme: The Living Room, The Bedroom, The Bathroom, The Kitchen, The Office and The Garden.

On the Journal:
'This beautifully produced, large-format launch is the perfect riposte to anybody thinking that the interiors magazine is a tired genre. Sized just under A3, the unbound pages of Objection flow across the table like prints, revealing a series of clever editorial ideas' READ MORE

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