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Seen #5, Dreams

205 mm x 255 mm, 208 pages
Pennsylvania, US
First published in 2020
Editor-in-chief: Dessane Lopez Cassell
Art director: Raquel Hazell

The journal of film and visual culture exploring 'what it means to see and bear witness for Black, Brown and Indigenous communities globally.' This is the Winter 2023 issue:

'What do dreams permit? Or, as Lou Cornum asks in this issue, "Where do we go when we dream?" Amid our increasingly bleak mundane, portals of all kinds tend to beckon seductively...'

But in this issue, editor Dessane Lopez Cassell wants to hold space for 'something beyond escapism.' This is Seen's first issue dedicated to a single theme, and that theme is 'Dreams'.

On the Journal:
At work with founder Maori Karmael Holmes, ‘The magazine allows us to talk about films and television series and exhibitions that aren't necessarily a part of the (Blackstar film) festival and gives us an opportunity to dive deeply into some artists' bodies of work as well as get more into their backgrounds. I especially love the artist-to-artist pairings. The magazine can also have a life of its own and reach audience who might never be interested in attending or participating in the festival. And the magazine is of course an archive.’

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