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Victory Journal #20

277 x 418 mm, 258 pages
Brooklyn, USA
Editor-in-chief: Chris Isenberg 
Creative director: Aaron Amaro

‘The Journal of Sport & Culture’

Unmoved by statistical analysis and provincial opinionating, Victory is concerned with the eternal glories and ignominies of players and pursuits the world over. Its large pages are ideal for the beautiful photography and artworks that celebrate sport in its widest sense.

Reaching a major milestone with their twentieth issue, the latest from Victory is themed ‘Home and Away.’ Find inside beautiful large format photographs of American football reinterpreted abroad by leading women’s teams, national sumo hero Terunofuji Haruo, the puppies of Idaho's dog sledding races, and the long-brewing return of rollerblading to the culture mainstream. The athletic feats captured in this landmark edition of Victory seem otherworldly while also striking close to home.

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