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Worms #5

180 x 270 mm, 144 pages
London, UK

First published 2019
Editor/art director: Clem Macleod

Worms is a bi-annual literary style magazine that celebrates female writer culture. 

The latest issue is themed 'Impurity' and opens with a warning – do not read at the breakfast table, because Worms #5 is a little gruesome – this issue comes full of fresh takes on all manner of bodily fluids and undesirability. Also: interviews, essays and poetry looking at the New Narrative movement. 

Featuring Saidiya Hartman, Camille Roy, Dodie Bellamy, Lynne Tillman, Estelle Hoy, Rhea Dillon, Savannah Knoop, Lauren Fournier, Madelyne Beckles, Joanna Walsh, Anne Turyn, Cristina Morales, Calla Henkel & Jenny Zhang.

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