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Girls Like Us #14

165 x 230 mm, 130 pages
Brussels, Belgium (English-language)
Founder and editor: Jessica Gysel
Editors: Many
Design: Zhizhong Keene

'Spotlighting an international community of women and transpeople within arts, culture and activism'

At last! A new issue of Girls Like Us – and a wonderfully bright one at that. This edition of the arts and culture magazine from Brussels is themed 'Letters of Disappointment' and features 33 letters by different writers 'bound together through their flavours of disappointment.' As the collaborative team behind GLU write:

'Considered an ‘ugly feeling’ by society’s norm, we’re not supposed to vocalize what and who is letting us down. We’re supposed to stay positive, get organized and act, instead of lingering in negative emotions. ... In this issue we hope to plant the seeds of this rebellion by collecting a larger body of letters of disappointment.

'No matter how vague, impersonal, unimportant, futile, banal, or contingent these memories may seem; when shared and brought into a wider collective context, political desire may slip out from between the lines and build a corpus of transfeminist inheritance.'

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