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Hypebeast #33

200 x 278 mm, 256 pages
Hong Kong (English-language)
Creative director: Kevin Wong
Guest editor: Zach Sokol
Art director: Vasun Pachisia
Graphic design: Franny Fuller, Phuong Le

'New ideas. New dimensions. New frontiers.'

Hypebeast is an urban lifestyle magazine, looking at men's fashion, streetwear and design which 'studies complex cultural shifts, influential ideas, and innovators on the precipice of change'. 

Split into four sections—Genesis, Methodology, Programming and Execution—this is the Systems issue for Spring/Summer 2024: ‘In the world of high-functioning individuals, systems can be sacred. From systems rooted in ritualism to ones centered upon methodology, one thing is clear: if we find something that makes us perform at our best, we tend to try and stick to it. For creators, having their own system—and following through—often means the difference between making magic and crashing headfirst into a mental block.

Hear from designers, entrepreneurs, creatives and a masked Ye (aka the former Kanye West), who features on the cover.

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