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Puss Puss #17

200 x 228 mm
London, UK
Editor-in-chief, creative director: Maria Joudina-Robinson
Editor-at-Large: Matt Robinson
Fashion director-at-large: Heathermary Jackson

'The Spirit of Independence'

Once cats and fashion, now regrettably without (so many) cats, this is PUSS PUSS. In this latest issue, editor Maria Joudina-Robinson is calling for an Interlude — which also happens to be the theme of this Spring/Summer edition:

'Our lives seem to constantly accelerate, and after the world stood still for a minute in 2020 and all the conversations about mindfulness and slowing down, we're back to where we were before, with an even more relentless pace, yearning for a moment of respite to take a breath. With our seventeenth issue we want to pause, take time put and find some calm in-between chaos and madness...'

On the Journal:
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