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Real Review #12

115 x 260 mm, 104 pages
London, UK
Editor-in-chief: Jack Self
Associate editor: Maddy Weavers
Original design: OKRM

Perennially popular at the magCulture shop, this ingeniously formatted magazine concerns architecture (and life) in its broadest sense: ‘What it means to live today'. This issue of Real Review is dedicated to 'absolute proximity':

'The people and things we want feel very far away. Everything else feels far too near. Daily life is incorrectly calibrated. Lockdown kept us painfully apart. The virtual keeps us painfully together. Everyone wants the same thing. We all crave spaciousness. We all feel too close, without any closeness. This paradoxical sensation of claustrophobia and isolation is a condition of "absolute proximity"...'

On the Journal:
Founder Jack Self shares the strategy behind the magazine’s cover designs. READ MORE.

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