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Rouleur #101

210 x 290 mm, 154 pages
London, UK
Magazine first launched in 2006
Editor: Andy McGrath
Art director: Rob Johnston

The independent road cycling journal celebrates women's cycling in this, their 101st issue. 

Rouleur has become a staple publication for road cyclists the world over. Having recently had a re-design to commemorate 100 editions, the team have created their first all-female issue, guest edited by Rouleur columnist Orla Chennaoui.

‘What did you think when you looked at the front cover of this women’s issue? A woman’s mouth, we are told by society, is sensual, sexual. It is there to be consumed, it is an object. It is the accepted narrative of advertisers, film-makers, storytellers. 

But a woman’s mouth is also the means through which they tell their stories. It is the gateway through which we women find our voice, a source of our strength, our power, our literal expressions of joy, love and anger‘ – Orla Chennaoui.

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