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Semaine #5

350 x 500 mm unfolded (250 x 350 mm folded), 24 pages
Paris, France & London, UK (English-language)
Co-founder: Michelle Lu 
Art director: Lucy Cramer, Mila Wizel
Managing director: Claire Marquet
Creative associate: Josephine Schulte

'The world's most tasteful newspaper'

A bold, vibrant broadsheet 'for tastemakers', visually-arresting Semaine was 'dreamed up' in Paris and is printed in London. In this issue one of our favourite topics is explored: food. More specifically, food and identity. And even more specifically, bao. One the cover, it's Erchen Chang, creative director of (the ever delicious) Bao London restaurants.

As editor Michelle Lu writes in the opening pages: 'Eating is who sits around your table, spinning around that lazy susan or passing the pepper ... It is our health, it is the health of our planet, it's identity with a capital I, it's time travel and nostalgia, it's adventure, and let's face it, it's pure unbridled pleasure.'

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