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The Boy is Beautiful #1

165 x 233 mm, 64 pages
London, UK (English and Greek-language)
First published 2022
Created by: Leonidas Liolios

With a title derived from a thousand year old vase inscription and set in angular typography, The Boy is Beautiful is an overtly Grecian affair. Printed solely in black ink on a terracotta-esque stock (fittingly mimicking the pottery of old), the newly launched mag is 'an invitation to unravel the thread of queer Greek chronicles, from myth and history, to contemporary life.' 

The (bilingual) essays and interviews within, on Ganymede, Grindr torsos and with pornstar crushes, are interestingly outlined in the editor's note, which uses fragments of ancient sculpture, art and architecture as signposts while flipping through the pages, often expressed through high contrast close-ups of chiselled, marble abs.

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