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Arena Homme+ #61, Summer/Autumn 2024

230 x 299 mm, 650+ pages (3kg!)
London, UK
Direction: Ashley Heath, Ben Kelway, Tom Guinness
Editor: Stephanie Waknine

‘All killer no filler / 30 years’

The one magazine remaining of legendary publisher Nick Logan’s portfolio. Back in the day, The Face spawned men's monthly Arena, which in turn led to this biannual fashion bible-esque spin-off. Which cover will you take hom(m)e? 

This is the Summer/Autumn 2024 edition: Jamie Dorman, Gerhard Richter (shot by Wolfgang Tillmans), Jamie XX, Bridgerton’s Luke Newton, Richard Hawkins and more fill out the 650 pages of vivid photography. 

Please note, we rarely receive all covers as there are so many and they are generally shipped out at random. What you see here is what we have in stock currently.

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