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Backstage Talks #6

195 x 270 mm, 152 pages
Bratislava, Slovakia (English-language)
First published in 2016
Editor-in-chief: Martin Jenča
Editor: Zuzana Kvetková
Art directors: Martin Jenča & Martin Kahan

Backstage Talks is an interview magazine about how design can change business for better by making it both useful and beautiful. Filled with detailed interviews and essays by leading creatives and designers from across the world.

This issue includes leading creatives, including Kenya Hara, Giorgia Lupi, David Zilber, Cas Holman and Stefan Sagmeister.

On the Journal (about a previous issue):
Dropping their cover list of famous design names in favour of the repeated statement ‘Designers have to stop being stupid’ is a bold new direction for this design magazine as it tilts more towards business. That the quote highlights an interview with the designer behind one of our least favourite online experiences, Basecamp, is made up for by the presence of luminaries such as Paula Scher, Tony Brook and Peter Bilak.’

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