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Bumble #4

170 x 240 mm, 100 pages
Bath, UK
Editor-in-chief: Rachael Nellist
Creative director: Josef Shaw

The final issue of the magazine

‘Did we re-discover something during the 2020 lockdown? Sitting in our gardens, walking in the park, perched by an open window - did we hear the birds’ dawn chorus more clearly, notice the butterflies dancing across the meadows, hear the bees buzzing at our window boxes? For some of us, the constraints placed upon our lives during this spring have had an unexpected benefit - we drew closer to nature.’

On the Journal, Bumble #2:
'One thing that this magazine has chosen to do really well is close-up photography. It’s not an easy thing to get right – yet here a tiny spiral shell sits on a fingertip (above), dune-like ridges of the skin so large you realise how tiny it really is. The photography in this particular piece, ‘Back from the Brink’, by Alex Hyde, features invertebrates – the creepy crawlies that don’t usually look pretty in publicity shots – to make the point that it’s not just the cute animals that need funding for protection.' READ MORE

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