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Eleven #1

210 x 300 mm, 132 pages
Creative director: Eleanor Jane
Design: Philip Millard

'Music, creativity and storytelling'

Eleven is a brand new women-fronted music magazine using the guitar as it's starting point for covering stories on music, creativity, craft and more. With features on guitar-building, interviews with guitarists, lots of (arguably pornographic) guitar photography and even a 'mini masterclass' on how to take better photographs of your own axe — see the cover of this first issue for starters.

More specifically inside this first issue, you'll find features on: 'The challenges of resurrecting an early 1952 Goldtop that survived a tornado, to an up-close forensic examination of Kurt Cobain’s Smells Like Teen Spirit Fender Mustang, and the survival story of a cruise ship guitarist who saved over 500 passengers when the liner he was performing on began to sink'. Whoah!

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