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Fact #6

300 x 240 mm, 154 pages
London, UK
Editor: Sean Bidder
Publisher: 180 Strand
Art direction by Zak Group

Fact, a publication existing at the intersection of contemporary art and electronic music, is now firmly back in print — and has had a refresh for summer 2023 to boot. This newly-zhuzhed issue looks at the exciting world of art and gaming.

This latest issue corresponds with two exciting shows at 180 The Studios: United Visual Artists's Synchronicity and the artist Es Devlin's exhibition Cosmos for Gucci. Each have contributed original work to this edition of Fact. The other sound and vision artists featured on the classic cut-out covers are immersive installation designer Devon Turnbull, musician Evian Christ, digital painter Ibby Njoya, and DJ and producer BAMBII.

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