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Highsnobiety #27

370 x 280 mm, 148 pages
London, UK
First published 2019
Editor-in-chief & creative director: Thom Bettridge
Art director: Gian Gisiger
Fashion director: Corey Stokes

Highsnobiety returns with The Outfits Issue II: 'A summer style bonanza with Steve Lacy' and a sequel to the very first issue of Highsnobiety: inspired by 'Japanese style bibles, Abercrombie and Benetton catalogues, old issues of Vogue Italia, and '90s menswear magazines.'

This will be the last issue under current editor Thom Bettridge: 'What I love about magazines and about outfits is that they invite us to create new realities. The real world often seems immense and immovable, but in the confines of a print publication or in the calculus of your pant-sock combo, anything you say goes.'

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