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Kindling #1

165 x 235 mm, 120 pages
Copenhagen, Denmark (English-language)
First published 2021
Editor-in-chief: Harriet Fitch Little
Editor: John Burns
Art director: Staffan Sundström

From the creators of Kinfolk comes Kindling––their offspring! A biannual magazine 'for people with children', the idea for Kindling was sparked by the word itself. After doing a little research, the team behind the petit publication discovered there had been a magazine about fatherhood called Kindling in the 2010s and––'with the blessing of its former founders'––they've brought the title back to life, this time as a magazine 'for all people with children in their lives.' Wonderful stuff.

This first issue is The Emotions Issue, 'with interviews, features and fun activities, from forest schools to pillow forts.'

Love Kindling..? Editor-in-chief Harriet Fitch Little is speaking at magCulture Live, London on Thursday, 4 November 2021. FIND OUT MORE HERE

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