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Knowtes #1

170 x 240 mm, 24 pages
London, UK
First published 2023
Created by: Modern Toss

'Knowtes from Modern Toss'

Possibly the silliest magazine in stock, this slim new title from the people down the road at Modern Toss is really very funny. Perhaps you know them from Instagram already? Presented as a 'radical new experiment in printing pictures and words on paper' (sarcasm, yes) Knowtes is Modern Toss' way of clearing some space out from their 'digital shit cloud in the sky.' And what better way to do so? 

Expect talking page numbers, 'photo emojis', a lot of swearing and, perhaps my most favourite feature, 'Interview with a crumb', which is exactly what it sounds like it is. In their own words: 'Join us on this journey as we unblock our mental shitpipe and pack these pages with new cartoons, interviews and flagpole conceptual bollocks.'

*Insert photo emoji thumbs up here*

Sorry, not enough stock!