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Laboratory Arts Collective #11

230 x 300 mm, 145 pages (and 4 postcards)
Los Angeles, US
Editor: Louise Salter
Graphic design: Luke Frost

The Futuro Issue

A beautifully produced piece of print from The Laboratory Arts Collective, a creative duo involved in the film industry, The Lab Mag brings together work from a global community of artists. As always, each themed issue combines removable artworks, a variety of paper stocks, lush gradients and content that is painstakingly mined from deep and diverse sources. 

In this issue Lab Arts explores the idea of Futuro by debuting many firsts: their first double volume, their first foray into NFTs, and their first filmzine (a film about the magazine, forthcoming!) There is much to look forward to, and The Lab Mag encourages readers to make the future their own.

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