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LogoArchive Extra Issue: pLAy

210 x 150 mm, sealed booklet
London, UK
Editor/designer: Richard Baird, BP&O 
Design by: Jim Sutherland

A beautifully produced series of small publications examining the mid-20th century heyday of modernist logo design, pLAy is a collaborative special edition and: 'An enquiry into the influence of play on work.'

From the LogoArchive team: 'Please note, this zine is designed to be deconstructed and played with. If you have an aversion to tearing up print, please get two copies ;)'

On the Journal:
‘By inverting the typical logo book (black ink on white) I sought to appear distinct and to draw the eye into the symbol – running white ink on black uncoated stock seemed the perfect fit, and an unusual and unexpected mode to share this kind of content. Building up layers of ink felt like a very material gesture and process.’ READ MORE

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