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MacGuffin #9, The Rug

210 x 275mm, 234 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands (English language)
Editors: Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven
Design: Sandra Kassenaar

‘The Life of Things’

This issue is all about The Rug. (Have you taken a close look at the cover?) Featuring: 'Carpet jungles, carpet beaters and carpet traders; war rugs, hairy rugs and prayer rugs; magic carpets, airport carpets and travelling carpets; doormats, tatami mats and coconut mats; carpets made of brick, concrete and peanut butter...'

Love MacGuffin..? Editor-in-chief Kirsten Algera is speaking at magCulture Live, London on Thursday, 4 November 2021. FIND OUT MORE HERE

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