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Mushroom People #1

210 x 285 mm, 196 pages
United States 
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Anja Charbonneau
Editor: Stephanie Madewell
Design director: Jennifer James Wright
Designer: Alice May Du 

From the women-led team behind Broccoli magazine comes this one-off 'Magazine for Mycophiles.’

'What is a mushroom? What do mushrooms mean? What do mushrooms do? What do we want from mushrooms? What do the mushrooms want?' These are the questions that the creators of Mushroom People ask inside this one-off exploration into the world of fungi.

Do note (and enjoy) the shroom-shaped editor's letter on page 15.

Inside this special issue: 'Bethany van Rijswijk delves into the folklore of the magic mushroom, arrangements by Leslie Kirchhoff and Yasmine Khatib prove that mushrooms are the new flowers, Claire L. Evans goes inside the trip report forum Erowid, Zoe Gong heals what ails us, Adrienne Kammerer paints a slug’s-eye-view, William Padilla-Brown talks citizen mycology, Shruti Ravindran breaks down the neuroscience of tripping, and Lio Min searches for counter-culture on the forest floor.'

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