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NXS #6

180 x 340 mm, 96 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands (English-language)
Created by: Karolien Buurman, Monika Grūzīte, Florian Mecklenburg

Pronounced ‘nexus’, NXS is an exploration of human experience in a digital world. This tall, thin magazine is an experimental, twice-yearly publication, where each contributor comments and reflects on a previous contribution, creating an ongoing chain of collaboration (and we're very glad to have it back on our shelves again).

This issue, their final edition (sadly!), is themed Phygital Fashioning and explores 'the representation, consumption and transmission of digital fashion as one of the key mediators of the collective and individual public construction of the Self.' Virtual runways, glistening avatars and the landscapes à la the Metaverse abound. Don't miss it.

On the Journal: 
(Writing on their previous edition) ‘Issue five of NXS has arrived, a black, white and neon orange explosion of glitchy investigations into the reality of virtuality. ‘Seeing is believing’ exclaims the introduction, before immediately disproving that idea – ‘in the digital age, human perception has become more and more relative...’ READ MORE

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