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Office #21

215 x 280 mm, 216 pages 
New York, US
Published since 2014
Editor-in-chief: Simon Rasmussen
Creative director: Jesper D. Lund
Art Director: Joseph Han

Spring/Summer 2024

Office covers all things fashion, art, and culture with its own approach, summed up editor’s description of his mag as ‘20% business, 55% fun, 25% bullshit, 9% horny and 1% caring what other people think’. This is their twenty-first issue, and sadly, their final edition. With significantly fewer pages, this last issue has a spiritual theme, considering the sublime quality of greater creative purpose rather than quantity of content.

The seven cover stars this issue: Lex Peckham, Miles Greenberg, Female Pentimento, Maisie Williams, Lindsay Vrckovnik, Maheshwari, and Memphy.

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