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Open Spaces #2

203 x 280mm, 164 pages
First published 2021
Editor-in-chief: Yara Akkari
Creative director: Eri Miyagi

A new magazine for 2021/22—and a travel one at that. Within the pages of Open Spaces travel and art meet one another effortlessly.

The first magazine we’re aware of that’s devoted to Land Art, this second issue opens with a bittersweet piece on Japan's art museum-filled island town, Naoshima.

Following Naoshima, there's a road trip through the 'untamed beauty' of Western Montana, an essay on travel photography, an 'On The Trail' exploration of Lebanon and lots more... 

On the Journal, a sample from the issue:
THWAK! Clank! Tiiing. Desert rocks pelt the undercarriage of the car as I slow to a stop. A fork in the road. I’m 9 miles from Rozel Point on Utah’s Great Salt Lake. My last chance for cell reception faded 7 miles ago and a tank of gas 26 miles before that…’ 

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