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Pilot #2

257 x 365 mm, 138 pages
London, UK
First published in 2020
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Dagny Tepper
Art director: Jordyn Carlin
Designers: Alice Sherwin and Harry Bennett

Large format, small town born and pastel pink, Pilot is for 'lovers of art, music, fashion, film, literature, honest lifestyle content, or existential chronicles by sleep deprived twenty-somethings that don’t fit into any of those categories', complete with colouring pages, playlists and mystery QR codes.

The second issue, themed 'Hardware' asks: 'How can you find and create meaning from the mundane? What happens when you strip away excess? What’s integrated into your creative ‘system’, and what are the fundamental values and practices that you always come back to?'

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