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Simulacrum Vol. 31, #4

150 x 210 mm, 62 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Dutch and English-language)
Editors: Anne, Daan, and Mariana 

A small-format, arts and culture publication, Netherlands-based Simulacrum explores a different theme with every issue. Platforming topics from both historical and contemporary perspectives, their features are written by both established experts and up-and-coming writers (student writers are welcome here).

This latest issue is a collection of divine experiences. Whether as excess, ecstasy, or exultation, there are many facets to religious experience, and Simulacrum'scontributors bring a full array of perspectives: Máximo Rivi's essay on David Bowie's 1977 album Low, Fien Limburg's exhibition review of When things are beingsat the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and artist Marie LeMoigne's photo series exploring out-of-body sensations.

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