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The Fence #14

200 x 270 mm, 58 pages
London, UK
First published in 2019
Editor: Charlie Baker
Design: Studio Mathias Clottu

The Fence has rapidly developed a devoted readership for its scurillous and very English mix of humour, investigation and politics. Smartly presented in black and red with copious illustration, it’s a unique publication that describes itself as ‘The UK’s only magazine’. Patently untrue of course, perhaps a better description comes from Graydon Carter: ‘the illegitimate offspring of Private Eye and Evelyn Waugh.’

In this issue:
Westminster Freak Squad
London Nightlife: Mapped
Fiction from Nell Zink
Drinking with David Bowie
Sexy Fauvist Sketches
On the Trail of Mr Blobby

…and on the back cover, the bold statement, ‘PINTS WITH THE FENCE.’

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