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Typeone #7

220 x 300 mm, 138 pages
Surrey, UK
Editor-In-Chief: Amber Weaver
Design and art direction: Studio Ground Floor

A women-led magazine fusing together design, culture, business, technology and the world around us: they're also the creators of type platform, Femme Type: ‘Born out of the lack of representation of women’s typographic contributions in the design space.'

For their seventh, bright blue issue, the Typeone team take a peek under the hood, exploring and explaining the rules that govern our digital and typographic systems—creative coding. In their words:

For Issue 07, we consider code through two primary lenses. Function, first and foremost, and the artistic possibilities that it creates coming in close behind. Within these two areas, we go even deeper, exploring the exciting forms of creative expression, with code. We explore how design studios are using it as a tool to create their creative solutions, fused with the art of creative coding in building interactive, unconventional websites with Korean-born designer Yehwan Song, and algorithmic, data-driven brand identities with ex-Pentagram designer, and now head of her own agency, Talia Cotton.

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