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WePresent #5

170 x 240 mm, 98 pages (plus pull-out poster)
London,  UK &  Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Editor-in-chief: Holly Fraser
Senior editor: Liv Siddall
Creative producer: Alex Mattinson

Is creativity over? That’s what issue five of WeTransfer’s WePresent magazine is asking. Well, is it? Who knows! But they’ve had an admirable bosh at finding an answer, with contributions from writer James Bridle and fashion designer Harris Reed and an essay proposing that middle age is great for creativity.

Such attempts to capture creativity are only half the story; this issue again has three different versions, each crafted in (in their entirety) by a different designer, resulting in the same content being presented in three radically different ways. An excellent exploration of editorial creativity if ever there was one.

The three designers this time are Paula Scher/Pentagram (New York), Hort (Berlin) and Turbo (Amman).

Take your pick, or buy the set to compare layouts.  

All proceeds from this magazine go to The Supporting Act.

On the Journal:
At work with Paul Scher: ‘We had to use the photos they sent but we did get to determine how many pages they had. I hated one of the stories they gave us and it was the worst designed piece in the issue. Most of the other stories had some good photography. We had the most fun with the typography and the Mimi story.’
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