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Cabana #16

230 x 305 mm
London, UK
Biannual (or 'Semestrial' as they say)
First published 2014
Founded by: Martina Mondadori, Christoph Radl and Gianluca Reina

Cabana is a heavyweight publication exploring the way people relate to interiors, from the grandest rooms to the smallest details. Every issue features a range of specially designed textiles on the front cover. In their words: 

'The German word gemütlich summons the Cabana vision, conveying an inviting feeling of warmth and sense of space. Whether it be a palazzo, a flat, a folly or a hut, the Cabana mood is an appreciation of the sensory and experiential characteristics of interiors.'

Issue #16's covers are by Cabana x Schumacher for October 2021. (Covers vary in detail)

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