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Cocoa & Jasmine #5

190 x 235 mm
Delhi/Jaipur, India
First published 2018
Founding editor & design: Sayali Goyal

Celebrating culture and craft from an Indian point of view, Cocoa & Jasmine is now a well-established title celebrating its fifth issue. Described in three words by founding editor Sayali Goyal as ‘Inclusive, Authentic, Evolving’, this issue explores the theme of Maktub (fate or destiny) through travels across North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

On the Journal
At work with Sayali Goyal: ‘I started the publication in 2018… back then indie publishing was unheard of in India and in fact apart from popular Condé Nast titles and some magazines that were also backed by large media houses or corporates, one couldn’t find anything in bookstores...’

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