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Dirty Furniture #5

128 x 197 mm, 208 pages
London, UK
Editors: Anna Bates, Elizabeth Glickfeld
Design and art direction: Studio Mathaius Clottu

After several years, Dirty Furniture returns with its fifth issue, this time exploring how we use the phone—and how it uses us—in a new mini-format. 

On the Journal:
‘A quick recap: each issue of the magazine takes a close look at a single piece of furniture. Following Couch, Table, Toilet and Closet, we now have Phone. It’s intriguing to find this ubiquitous device presented as ‘furniture’, and it’s a measure, perhaps, of the time that has passed since the previous issue of the mag that it was first billed as the Telephone issue; that longer word is disappearing today, I guess.’

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