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Hole & Corner #23

240 x 350 mm, 148 pages
London, UK
Editorial and creative director: Sam Walton
Art director: Jasper van den Bosch

The large-format quarterly celebrating 'craft, beauty, passion and skill' returns with its 23rd issue, inviting readers to break from growth-obsessed culture and instead ruminate on the theme of 'Nurture'. 

As always, this issue presents an array of craftspeople and practices with intriguing overlaps. A sculptor working with lichen and eelgrass, Merino and Romney sheep grazing on the same soil growing the dyes that will eventually colour their wool and sculpture-making via Rajasthani fresco painting are but a few examples. Between the interviews, profiles and vibrant (yet earthy) photography are sets of smaller inserts titled 'Notes & Ideas', highlighting more personal narratives. 

On the Journal:
Read our At Work With interview with creative director Sam Walton.

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