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Interview #555

265 x 418 mm, 144 pages
New York, US
Editor-in-chief: Mel Ottenberg
Editorial and design director: Richard Turley
Art director: Jack Vhay

Interview is a huge magCulture favourite right now, for its design as much as its content. Launched in 1969 by Andy Warhol, the magazine, nicknamed ‘The Crystal Ball of Pop’, features interviews with celebrities, artists, musicians, and creative thinkers. Its trademark is the celebrity-interviews-celebrity Q&A, matched with brilliant photography, and in embracing this format the current creative team have taken it right back to it roots as an Instagramzine.

On the cover of issue #555 and for Summer 2024, it's BILLIE! That's Billie Eilish to you and me. Showing off her fangs under a decidedly brat-green Interview logo, editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg spotted the 'BIGGEST FUCKING STAR' outside of a Calvin Klein show way back when in 2018 and in the next Interview editorial meeting told his team, 'Guys, we need to put Billie in the magazine – she's GONNA BE HUGE.' And here she is. Lunch, anyone?

PLEASE NOTE! The vast majority of this issue of Interview came with some light creasing/marking along the frontside of the spine (left of the front cover). Do bear this in mind when buying a copy. The rest of the magazine is as it should be.

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