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Jacobin #50

225 x 275 mm, 152 pages
New York City, US
Publisher: Remeike Forbes
Editorial director: Bhaskar Sunkara
Design director: Lauren Traugott-Campbell

The most recent issues of Jacobin have seen the New York-crafted magazine expand; in terms of its physical size, pagination and (by the looks of things) its team, which has also seen a reshuffle. The long standing American and global politics publication now sports a glossy cover and a bold new logo. A welcome refresh, if we do say so ourselves.

With the strap line ‘Reason In Revolt’, Jacobin tackles politics from a firmly leftist standpoint, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture. 

A poignant cover story for a heavy anniversary in the latest issue: The Iraq Invasion Twenty Years Later. The thematic question ‘has anything been learned?’ resonates throughout this issue, such as in features on musicians' responses to the war, a retrospective on international involvement, and deep dives into the arms funding from Halliburton to Lockheed Martin.

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