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Like the Wind #35

200 x 255 mm, 134 pages
London, UK
Editor: Simon Freeman
Co-editor: Imogen Lees
Creative director: Julie Freeman Kummer
Co-creative director and designer: Alex Murphy

'Running stories from around the world'

Like the Wind brings together stories for, by, and about people who run. This isn't a magazine about how to run — but why. The perfect place for those looking for running community and/or some inspiration to lace up their shoes whether for the first time (or just the first time in a wee while...)

Their 35th issue, the first for 2023, muses on the theme of 'Change'. As editor Simon Freeman writes in his opening letter, 'Change is unavoidable ... the best thing we can do is roll with it. I'm not the runner I once was ... but one thing that is absolutely certain is that I will always be a runner.' Amen.

(Oh, and for each tree that is used to make the magazine three new trees will be planted)

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