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Mishou Magazine #1

215 mm x 280 mm, 39 pages
New York, US
Editor-in-chief, designer & illustrator: Milah Libin (age 28)
Designer: Jen Shear (age 33)
Cover art by: Fabian (age 7), Malcolm, (age 6) & Pedro (age 6) 
Published by: Dizzy Books & Children's Museum of the Arts 

Welcome to the very first issue of Mishou Magazine! Led by Milah Libin, also editor-in-chief over at Dizzythis brand new publication is a 'paper-y space' where children can 'take a break from [their] screens, and still connect with people all around the world, through art!'

This first issue is themed 'Stone Soup', inspired by a folktale about the importance of coming together as a community. Gorgeous illustrations, silly activities and all manner of art abound.

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