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Nomas #17

240 x 330 mm, 178 pages
Nicosia, Cyprus
Editors-in-chief: Yannis Bournias and Lina Stefanou

Nomas 'gazes at people and places with the curiosity'. Every issue explores a different destination or theme through photography, writing, local craftspeople and more. For issue #17, we travel to Milan:

'It has the sound of roaring Ferrari cars, of pitching Operas, of clacking high heels on marble floors, and ringing golden necklace chains. Nomas Milano is fast-paced, well-laced, slick, and clean-cut, but with an underground roughness, for a coin always has three sides.'

The cover for this issue has been created by TOILETPAPER Magazine featuring a detail of Nathalie du Pasquier’s artwork created for Nomas Milano.

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