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Racquet #18

240 x 190 mm, 122 pages
New York, US
Publisher: Caitlin Thompson
Editor: David Shaftel
Guest editor: Naomi Osaka
Art director: Larry Buchanan 

A magazine about tennis that places the sport at the heart of art, culture, fashion and ideas. Always a rich read and visual treat, whether you’re a tennis head or not (trust us). 

This issue explores the recreational tennis player, the crowds who watch, and the stuff-going-on-in-the-background. With photography from Martin Parr and Karl Hab, and an in-depth piece on Blanche Rachel Mirra Alfassa, 'better known to her followers as the Mother, on the tennis grounds of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu.'

The Mother is also featured on this issue's cover, shot by Chimanbhai.

On the Journal:
‘Though tennis is absolutely at its core, Racquet really is wide open. Art, culture and fashion are all very much at home here. I mean, despite the fact I haven’t picked up a racquet in years (though my partner was a minor child wunderkind at the sport) here I am, a little bit in love with a tennis magazine.' READ MORE

Hear editor David Shaftel talk about his magazine at magCulture Meets, July 2017.

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