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Safar #7

210 x 278mm, 203 pages
Beirut, Lebanon (bilingual English and Arabic)
Published since 2014
Editors & Creative directors: Maya Moumne and Hatem Imam

‘Flirt with, flee from, and fall for graphic design and visual culture’ is Safar’s teasing cover line, reflecting the graphic designer’s love-hate relationship with their profession.

The magazine celebrates visual culture from the Middle East, questioning the western-orientated history of graphic design. This is the ‘Networks’ issue, in which we meet the people behind London’s Rabbits Road Press and New York’s TXTBooks as the editorial team balance intelligent criticism with beautiful archive research.

From the magCulture Journal:
‘All these articles—and the many others in the issue—are well researched and written, as well as being well illustrated. This is always one of the joys of Safar; while the editors make their arguments strongly in words, they also relish the visuals.’

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